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Selam and PiersPlease leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions on here for everyone to see.


  1. I love your site and the goal of your project. I am ordering the book “The Ungrateful Snake” to add to my books highlighted in my I just started this blog but am having trouble finding books about Africa that are from African authors. Too many seem to be from authors that are American. I want my site to be a “global” site. I look forward to seeing more books on “African Children’s Book Project”.

  2. Dear Sir/Maam,

    We organise a programme called the Asian Festival of Children`s Content and we think we should connect as the problems in Asia and Africa are similar. Pl see our website,sg
    Look forward to be in touch


  3. We are about to publish a children’s book called A Voice from the River. The tagline is: Water is life. Somewhere there is plenty, but in this African village, water is threatened by one greedy man. Can Hemaa and her friends save River Nkwa, and life for her village?

    The book was written by a new author, Edward Appiah Boakye, in Ghana. It is beautifully illustrated with scenes from nature in Africa.

    We are publishing pro bono because we love this author and support his cause. We could use help spreading the word AND your readers will enjoy the book.

    Not sure I can leave a link but here’s a try:

  4. Name: Alex Verdinand

    Comment: Yeah.. Everybody knows well that children books are simple but it is full of knowledge that you can share with the children. The moral of the story in the story books can be very useful learning for them.

    Thanks Alex

  5. Hi! I’ve found your like and I am reading your blog/project!! Very inspiring! Good luck about it
    Sara – Sustainable Tourism World

  6. hey piers, hope you’re well? i’m blown away by this project, it’s totally inspired. nice to see your face on the pics, (brow’s a bit furrowed mind!) good luck with everything you’re doing and hope we can catch up. all the very best, steve

  7. Hello. I found this site and think its a great idea. Are you looking for stories from other parts of africa?

    • Thanks for all your comment. Yes we are looking for material that we can use for future books. Interesting stories from elders in any part of Africa. If anyone can help please get in touch.

  8. ello p, gud to here from you and hope things pick up with the donations, i’ve put a a little in to help it along the way. xxx

  9. I am VERY impressed with the video and truly humbled by what I have seen. God bless your work, all of you.

  10. I’ve just watched your new video and looking at those childrens faces it really has captured exactly what you set out to do. Congratulations my friend you are a true inspiration, good luck with the Charity XXX

  11. The video of giving out Lady and the Lake is awesome and the book looks really great too! Well done Selam and Piers for making it happen.

  12. Piers this is a great site and I take my hat off to you for all the work and great effort you put in to this for all those kids , well done you and Selam!

  13. Loving the colouring in!

  14. Gorgeous new site! I love it–and all the tenacity you’re showing in trying to get more books in print for Ethiopian kids who hardly ever get to read–even after they know how to read. Jane

  15. Great new web site. The photo gallery is magic and really brings the project alive. I have been helping raise funds since the beginning by holding an annual dog show. I am hoping to travel to Ethiopia this Nov or Dec to help distribute books. This is a very worthwhile project, so come on people help us raise funds by holding a fund raising event, A poor mans lunch is a good idea, just ask all your friends to bread and soup and donate what they would usually spend on a posh lunch to help raise funds. well done piers. susan polden from Ireland

  16. I was there and it’s worth it!!!
    regards from the Netherlands

  17. love the new site piers (&co) well done and good luck. ptx

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