Posted by: African Children's Book Project | December 17, 2012

Lovely kid’s book for Christmas?

page 5 savannahThe Ungrateful Snake

There is still time to buy a a colourful rhyming children’s tale from Ethiopian folklore for Christmas. Introduce a child to culture and history from Ethiopia for under £6 and also provide a free copy for kids in Africa to enjoy!!

Readers review on Amazon: The cover suggests a simple tale and I was worried my eldest (7 years) wouldn’t like the story, however nothing could be further from the truth. From the first page he was hooked and enjoyed the traditional story and the beautiful illustrations. My younger daughter (2 years) enjoyed the rhyming nature of the story and a tale about animals.
This is a lovely and alternative story for your children, and the charity it supports – providing books in Africa – is a truly wonderful organisation.

Click the picture to get one in the post now!


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