Posted by: African Children's Book Project | October 17, 2012

Rwanda: Reading – Children Need Role Models

″Last week on Friday, October 5, Rwanda registered another milestone by officially launching the first ever public library in the life history of the country.″ 

…writes The New Times: a Rwandan daily newspaper. The paper goes on to explore the underlying causes of the limited reading culture within the country and reports that: ″what is unknown to most of us as parents is the fact that we should be co-teachers. Therefore, as co-teachers, we are supposed to track and follow up closely academic progress of our children beyond providing scholastic materials. So, between “business” and giving quality and solid education foundation, parents have a choice. As earlier mentioned already, parents should lay the solid groundwork for their children, especially when it comes to developing reading and love for books.″

Good advice!! Something we at ACBP strive to encourage in African parents. Bedtime reading is an essential tool for learning reading, whilst the interaction between parent and child forges immeasurable connections.

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