Posted by: African Children's Book Project | September 21, 2012

Book distribution video


This video shows where your money is going. Low budget handy cam but you can see clearly the children who are benefiting from our work. At 3mins 20sec the kids you see are actually at school, some of them walk for miles to get there and risk attacks by the baboons living in the surrounding forest. Two of the kids we met have lost siblings that way. The only resource at the school is a dedicated, unpaid young teacher and his assistant. Our donation of books was the first and only materials they have received. Please help us to continue to reach these remote communities and work towards building an education for them. You can make a donation, no matter how small, view and comment on our website, pass it on to your friends and colleagues, and help us to be seen by more people. We get 5,000 books to 5,000 children for just 5,000 pounds!! All our work is self subsidised to keep our costs to a minimum and this has all been done by a few dedicated generous hearted people!


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