Posted by: African Children's Book Project | March 11, 2012

Ethiopian education

We saw this article on VoA and wholeheartedly applaud the sentiment of bringing the topic into the spotlight. It says in the article that Ethiopia is among the few (African countries, albeit one of the  poorest) on track to achieve the goal of universal primary education by 2015.
However, one of the issues also highlighted in the article is that while getting children into classrooms is the easy part, the challenge is bringing them up to basic literacy levels.  Books are in very short supply, often there are no books at all. Surveys indicate that many children leave school without learning to read.
We at ACBP started the project of bringing relevant stories in book format to the underprivileged in Ethiopia not only to help preserve the tribal folk tales, but to help the children (and adults) gain some form of literacy.
We’d love to donate some books to this cause.


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