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Fashion That Gives Back, Handmade Scarfs from Ethiopia

Forward Thinking

Online shop offers its visitors an opportunity to purchase hand woven scarves and goods made by students’ mothers at Fresh and Green Academy, a private non-profit school for some of Addis Ababa’s most impoverished children. Visit this website to learn more, order yours today.


Friends of Fresh and Green Academy Inc works to feed, educate, clothe, and provide medical care for children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and provides the students’ mothers with a place in which they can come at least once per week to participate in a Mothers Cooperative. The Mothers Cooperative is an on-site program at the Academy in Ethiopia, created to provide personal empowerment for the students’ mothers by allowing them to earn their own money, learn new skills and provide for their families’ future.

Many of the students’ mothers grew up in small villages in the 1980s, a time of great famine in Ethiopia. Seeking a…

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  1. Thank you for making this world a better place!


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